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Hyper-targeted advertising for building professionals.
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People on our site are not just searching... they already deep in their journey to buy the house.
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People are on Facebook to connect with other people.
They come on our website when they are making decisions about their new home...
Better than Facebook Ads
Simple: we have over 15000 new people every month, visiting our website only because they are in the process of building a new house.
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Hyper-targeted advertising for professionals in the building industry.
  • house manufacturers
  • architecture & engineering studios
  • interior designers
  • carpenters & building crews
  • general contractors
  • consultants & agents
Who is it for?
Effective and affordable advertising for every company involved in the building cycle of a new home.
Why use a shotgun
...if you can use a sniper rifle?
Advertising on generic media sites or on social media platform has a very poor return on your investment.
People are not there to find information for building their new home.
We display your ads only to people who are shopping for houses!
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You Ad will display on our site and your company will be exposed to over 15000 new persons every month.
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